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7 ways in 7 days
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7 ways in 7 days

Useless indication of what’s messing up your pride
Another violation while you get taken for a ride

Undue resistance here, is giving another the vibe
Blatant toleration of what’s clearly the wrong side

All along the watchtower, where the great princes are confined (there’s nothing to confide)
Secret that are open here, are not big surprise 

Your imagination, should take us the ride
Go and snap your fingers and let see where we shall fly

Better things, are waiting, for those who know what they can find
Let’s not forget, the rest of us who are sanctioned on that side

Please refrain from talking, of things that are out of mind
Common intuition deems them to be quite out of line

Random assassination, when cowboy angel rides
If you believe in all of this, the gates are open wide.

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