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Black and White
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Black and White

If I had to do it all again

If I had to lose my mind

If I had to choose one side

If I could slow down time

Say hello to the blue skys

And the mystery’s they hide


Is there a silver lining coming down

Is there another reason why she cried

Is there a peaceful end in sight

I rather see in black and white


All the things I forgot to see

And the people I could not be.

Take a breath of the fresh air

Feel free to laugh and to cry 

When one and two plus three is five

Whenever I can’t find what’s right

Is there a silver lining in this town

Is there a way to slow this down

We can believe if they say its right

We’re free to live but not to dream

For all the times I don't know why

To everything that I forgot to see

To say hello to the end of time

And the mystery it opens wide

Is there a silver lining in this cloud

Is there another way we can believe

A way to escape for all our dream

A way to say it’s not for me

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