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Fundamental Nonsense
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Fundamental Nonsense

I’m so ungrateful when I take what’s mine

So distasteful, when I open up my mind 

All this waiting, i’ll stop and take my time 

Silent persuasion, to take things off your mind


Your aspiration,I’m going to make it mine( is a certain waste of time)

No consolation for winning second prize

Some key frustrations troubling my mind

Is it so painful  to open up your eyes


How long will it take to get you home (what does it take to get you home ) 

Knowing that you're fundamentally gone

If you can know what is left unknown

And if you weren't  not all alone


List down all the problems that you own

In isolation they should all be known (or own their own)

Knowing that you're fundamentally wrong

I know I’m quite useless on my own

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