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Kat Peeing in my Sandbox
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Kat Peeing in my Sandbox

The final surrender, your there waiting

Tell me something, of the hesitation

Your last temptation, or a reservation

Endless evasion, or just conversation

The voices I hear are always replicated

Slowly flowing over ancient places

Religious apparitions of dangerous nature

Enlisting people with the edge of a razor (without frustration inspiration)

The place I’ve been all overrated

What we imagine is always created

Co-located and violated 

Situation are hollow and jaded 

The answer to questions have been confiscated

Our future dreams have all been mutilated

Always told me that you’d get away from here

Leaving quietly to your salvation

Always told me that you’d find your way from here

Now you're lost in your indignation


Always had a way with alternation

The words you hear pending  to your summation

Always told me that you’d get away from here

Now you're here as a strange mutation 

How long have we been sitting waiting here

How long will we examine situation here

How long have I been sitting waiting here

With or without me all the day is wasting

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