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Living For Jane
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Living For Jane

I’m outside, let it in the rain

For this pain that I bring, am I to blame

Pass that bottle over here

Are we here living for Jane?

Let there is sun, let there be pain

Do  we know who’s innocent and who’s to blame

Of the places, I go, I give you claim

Why are you still living here Jane?

From light in the night, where do we hide

To our demons inside, my hands are tied

When you can’t step aside, what should I do

In this refuge I find, I’ll think of you

Of the these things, that we know, can we be clear

I want to hear you laugh once again

I want to see your smile shining though

For these memories, I remember you


When your not there, Jane stands beside me

In my despair, she's the devil inside me.

In her defense, she’s helps to define me

One thing is clear, your innocence denies me

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