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Not About Yesterday
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Not About Yesterday

Verse 1:

Why am I just talking to myself?

Can I stay or should I go?

Can I disagree with everything I’ve been taught to know?

Can I  see the world I don’t know?

Can I stop from growing old?

Can I have a dream and make it known?

Can you tell me why is it me, and not someone else I know?

Can I feel the high and avoid the low?

Verse 2:

Can I take away and not go home?

When I’m passing by is there anything I need to know?

In which direction, is the goal?

Another station, on this journey where we go?

He told me he’s alright but he didn’t know.

Should he fear the place that he calls home

Can he reach the end or is there just another place to go

Can he see the light and let the darkness grow

Verse 3:

I received your postcard just the other day

It was quite unclear things you were trying to say

My memory gets in the way

A simple question, in a kind of convoluted way

In between the here and there

Written on the walls but we don’t seem to care

A dissolution in mind

A hcard in my hand I try to hide


Hold onto your conclusion here, it’s not about yesterday

What have we come here to find, in an over complicated way

Can I peacefully surrender, or do I have to walk away

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