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Strange Parade
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Strange Parade

All of the soldiers of this strange parade
Are standing here waiting for another change
The smiles on their faces, long since went away (have all been rearranged)
They all seem rather bored, if it’s only me to say

Hari krishna Hari Krishna
If I can say these things to you
Can you tell me what i should do

Hari krishna Hari Krishna
Can I share my thoughts with you
You don’t believe what isn’t true

All the dirty laundry is hung out today
It’s pissing down rain like every other day
If I’d read the news, I’d know what to say (I might know what to say)
But I read the news, in another way

Hari Rama Hari Ram 
All along you knew the way
But when we got lost you didn’t say
I can say these things to you
You won’t believe when it's not true

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