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These Stories
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These Stories

Golith stand aside, here's the army that you need

Blowing in the wind, are the seeds that we define

Lost within the weeds, are the people that you’ll find

Hidden in their minds, are the things they’ll do for you

Let Judas have is say, put our liberties aside

Let the politicians fight, for the lives that they defile

Let the circus have its day, and the alchemists provide

Can’t just stand alone, and watch world go by

What day was it that Gonzo died, he bought the ticket now we’ll take the ride

Put the pedal to the floor, leave the the windows open wide

Let the bats and Burrough fly, put the control machine aside.

The further that we go, the further we divide.

When darkness that descends, meets the darkness that you hide

When changing of the winds, becomes the changing of the times

The secrets of our soul, or the flavour of our time

When sentiments gone by,the truth becomes a lie

Underneath our feet, are the seeds that we defile.

Let the gladiator speaks, to the horrors that transpire.

Lets masters have their way, and we watch as they conspire

The people we admire, are all burning in this fire


What else can we do but to write this stories

Where else can we hide from our thoughts and dreams and lies

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